SF0188 Extra head2 by bronwen

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Price: $800.00

Yuriko_thumb Female Head style: Yuriko
Dolce_thumb Skin Tone style: Dolce
Freckles_thumb Facial Freckles style: Add Freckles
Special_order_wigs_thumb Wigs style: Special Order
Dark_brown_thumb Eyes style: Deep Brown
Std_thumb Std or Upg eyes style: Standard
Eyebrows_-_painted_thumb Eyebrows style: Painted (standard)
Downtown_thumb Eye Shadow style: Downtown
Chocolate_thumb Eyeliner style: Asian Style Chocolate
Natural_glow_thumb Lip Color style: Natural Glow
Bunny_teeth_thumb Teeth style: Bunny Teeth
Ears style: Standard
Single_pierced_ears_layers_thumb Piercings style: Single Pierced Ears

Skin Upgrades has 3 varieties to choose from. Please select one:

Standard finishes
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Dual-tone ($250.00)
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Multi-tonal ($500.00)
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