Tasha James Version by bronwen

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Price: $7150.00

Female_1h_close_thumb Female Doll style: Body 1H
Monique2_thumb Female Head style: Monique
Dolce_thumb Skin Tone style: Dolce
Alicia_thumb Facial Freckles style: No Freckles
Wigs style: F12 Black with auburn highlights
Golden_brown_thumb Eyes style: Golden Brown
Std_thumb Std or Upg eyes style: Standard
Eyebrows style: Punched hair - Sexy Auburn
Super_natural_thumb Eye Shadow style: Super Natural
Night_thumb Eyeliner style: Feline Night
Natural_glow_thumb Lip Color style: Natural Glow
Standard_teeth_thumb Teeth style: Standard Teeth
Ears style: Standard
Single_pierced_ears_layers_thumb Piercings style: Single Pierced Ears
Skin Upgrades style: Standard finishes
French_mani_thumb Manicure style: French
French_toes_thumb Pedicure style: French
Body Markings style: No imperfections
No_image_thumb Tattoos style: No tattoos
Noimag_1_thumb Tan Lines style: No Tan Lines
Standard_nipples_thumb Nipples style: Standard
Enlarged_1h_breasts_thumb Breast Enlargement style: Enlargement
Under arm hair style: No hair
Black_thumb Pubic Hair Style style: Modern Brazilian Black
Labia_standard_thumb Entries style: Removable Honey Pot Insert Standard
No_image_thumb Transsexual attachments style: None
Shaved ribs for softer upper body style: No modification
No_image_thumb Custom Options style: No Custom Options
Limited Options style: No expedite
Club_wear2_thumb Clothing style style: Night Club